Web Development

I discovered Weebly, a drag-and-drop website builder, in high school. It was really cool to be able to build and publish a website and that is when I got hooked. Then I did a free weekend of Code School and learned the basics of HTML and CSS. At that time, I had also been learning graphic design and so I decided to make a website to display my design works. That site was pretty terrible, but everyone starts somewhere, right? I have come quite a long way since and I’m currently working on improving my overall skills and learning more all of the time to keep up with the changing web landscape.


I’ve been around cameras for almost as long as I can remember. When I first invested in my camera equipment I intended to make short films. Some friends and I got a crew together and shot this promo for an idea we had but unfortunately that was as far as it went. I still enjoy making short videos when I have ideas.

The more videos I made, the more I started to focus on my still photography and that has become my main focus and passion. I love to work with people and shoot portraits and family photos. My friend Andrew and I started Maverick Photographics in June of 2017 because we wanted to help better serve the people in our area since there are not many affordable high-quality options available.